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The Mysterious Tale of the Ferryland Visitor Evokes Wonder

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Told through the eyes of the youngest child in the family, it takes a very quiet, everyday approach to what is essentially anything but an everyday occurrence. The result evokes wonder rather than horror.

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Holocaust Survivor and Author Receives Order of Newfoundland and Labrador

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He notes that while the Order of Newfoundland and Labrador is an honour to receive, “it belongs to the veterans who went in harm’s way to bring an end to the Third Reich and liberate me from a brutal slavery and certain death.”

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Broken Books: Bricks and mortar and a tactile experience for indie bookseller

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Independent bookstores are dropping off the main streets of Canada at an alarming rate and online sales are climbing astronomically. How could Howse succeed where others had failed?

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Down to Bowring’s stirs up memories

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Down to Bowring's

This book is as much about the history of Newfoundland as it is about one store, focusing on the social life as much as the business practices.

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