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80 Years Later Nova Scotia Updates Its Cultural Identity

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the government of Nova Scotia has set out a new identity in a document called Nova Scotia’s Culture Action Plan

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Emancipate Yourself From Mental Slavery

in #82 Winter 2016/Excerpts/History/Non-fiction by

“Redemption Song” is one of the greatest hymns composed by humanity. And it was born in Nova Scotia.

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Revolutionary Rocky Jones

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“If you want to help me, don’t come into my community to do things for me or give me advice. Go to the person who’s got his foot on my neck, talk to him, fight with him, because that’s where you’ve got to be.”

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An Ode to Indies

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“She did all the proofreading, kept her books, filed her taxes, hired and paid staff, tracked royalties and paid writers.”

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Redemption Songs

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New book explores Nova Scotia’s connection to Marcus Garvey and Bob Marley’s anthem of hope and liberation Writing The Hermit of Africville changed my life. Learning about Eddie Carvery’s now 45-year protest against the racism that destroyed his community opened my eyes and left a lot of questions. What exactly is racism? What exactly are the human races? Those questions were the seeds Carvery planted in my mind. Now, they’re blossoming in a new book: Redemption Songs: How Bob Marley’s Nova Scotia Song Lights the Way Past Racism (Pottersfield Press,…

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Chad Pelley’s novel Away From Everywhere inspires feature film

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A Newfoundland writer’s debut has been turned into a major motion picture starring Jason Priestley

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The Scribblers

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Writers’ groups meet to critique each others work and support each other through the process of becoming writers. They help each other out and sometimes develop a real bond. And for this pack of scribbling scribes, it’s clearly working

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