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Ian Colford’s Perfect World is A Dark Journey Into Psychosis

in #82 Winter 2016/Fiction/Reviews by

“A haunting study in empathy.”

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Criminal Charges for Doing His Job: An Interview With Journalist Justin Brake

in Columns/Q&A/Web exclusives by

“If journalists are afraid, or aren’t permitted, to follow major stories … we lose a keystone of democracy in Canada: press freedom and the right to know.”

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Familiar Words; New Ways to Express Feminism

in Non-fiction/Reviews by

A feminist killjoy “takes pleasure in the work of interrupting the patriarchal norms that pass as joys.” When the guy at the checkout counter addresses his customer as “my love,” the feminist killjoy is the one who says “I’m not your love.”

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Elizabeth Penashue’s Memoir Highlights Power of Indigenous Rights Activism

in Features by

The Innu were aware of how powerful political involvement could make them. Young Innu began to lobby seriously for recognition of their Indigenous rights, which had been pencilled out of the Confederation agreement with Newfoundland.

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