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Creative Fooding 101

in #82 Winter 2016/Features/Nonfiction by

These three cookbooks want their readers to understand the intrinsic values in cooking for oneself, whether they be health-based, financial or educational.

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Newfoundland Christmas Cooking, the Traditional Way

in #82 Winter 2016/Cooking/Reviews by

Nostalgia doesn’t give a damn about updates or contemporary versions and visions. It wants things done the way they were always done, from recipe to ingredients.

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Sir John’s Table a food-filled history

in Reviews by
Sir John's Table

Author Lindy Mechefske offers an appetizing glimpse into the culinary life of Canada’s first Prime Minister. The recipes contained therein not only highlight what people were eating, but give glimpses into how social and economic status impact a person’s larder.

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Diane Carmel Léger tells stories of Acadian survival

in #80 Winter 2015/Features by
Diane Carmel Leger

Children’s author Diane Carmel Léger brings Acadian history and culture to life for young readers.

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Honouring Alistair MacLeod

in #79 Fall 2015/Features by
Alistair MacLeod

Project Bookmark launches a literary tribute during the Cabot Trail Writers Festival

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Chef Jason Lynch reflects on publishing his first cookbook

in Features/Q&A/Web exclusives by
Straight From the Line cover shot

Chef Lynch often he’d never write a cookbook, but when the right publisher came along he knew it was time to craft a book that connects home cooks with local ingredients

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A taste of chowder

in Cooking/Reviews/Web exclusives by

he Chowder Trail Cookbook
A selection of the best recipes from Taste of Nova Scotia’s Chowder Trail
by Elaine Elliot and Virginia Lee
$16.95, paperback, 96 pp.
Formac Publishing, June 2014

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