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Binding the Book of Negroes

How do you recreate a historical document of which there are no pictures? That was the dilemma facing Joe Landry, a Halifax-based book binder and conservator, when he was asked to create the essential prop used in the miniseries. An elegant reproduction of the first newspaper printed in Canada, the Halifax Gazette published by John Bushell. “The biggest problem is that the book was used over a rather wide period, from the 1700s through to the early-1900s,” says Landry. His apprentice Katherine Victoria Taylor adds, “The actual document has been rebound so… Keep Reading

Crimes Against My Brother David Adams Richards

Richards paints a vivid picture of bleak lives

Early in David Adams Richards’ latest novel, his narrator notes that his three strong, male, blue-collar rural protagonists are “smarter, more resilient and more joyful” than his middle-class, left-leaning students. He proceeds to paint a vivid picture of these men’s bleak lives, deceptions, personal and moral failings, and how they’re interwoven with the collusion of government and a multinational forestry corporation that kills their hometown. The resulting robberies, domestic abuse, death by ignorance, death by murder, death by self-defense, and suicide eventually drive these men, once blood-oath atheists, back to… Keep Reading

Robert MacNeil's Portrait of Julia

Reader’s Corner: The return of Robert MacNeil’s Julia

August’s Reader’s Corner comes from Tidewater Books in Sackville, NB Portrait of Julia by Robert MacNeil, $29.95 (hc)$16.95 (epub) Hardback: 9781459502796 (hc), 9781459502925 (epub), 352 pp. Formac Publishing Company, September 2013 Julia Robertson is a beautiful young war widow living in Halifax in the 1920’s. New ideas about literature, art and music are emerging during this era, as are new attitudes about sexual awareness for women. Eager to start a new life, Julia travels to Europe where her friendship with famous artists helps form her future. Perfect for bookclubs, this… Keep Reading

Beatrice MacNeil Keeper of Tides

Reader’s Corner: A rich story with a ring of truth

August’s Reader’s Corner recommendation comes from Tidewater Books in Sackville, NB Keeper of Tides by Beatrice MacNeil, 9781550814835, 240 pp. Breakwater Books, March 2014 Ninety-two year old Ivadoile Spears struggles with dementia and fading memory. Owner of the Tides Inn, where so many have stayed with her over the years, she returns again and again to memories of those who played such an important role in her life, struggling to hold onto them. Themes of love and sexuality, loss and aging will generate lively book club discussions. Lyrical, moving and… Keep Reading

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