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Warrior Lawyers Features Ecological Litigators Worthy of Worldwide Fame

In Warrior Lawyers, we meet a fascinating and inspiring group of seventeen men and women, pioneers doing groundbreaking work, often pro bono, in the field of law and the environment. I call them pioneers because, if we, as the residents of the planet, survive the present onslaught of global warming and climate change, that’s exactly how these people will be known by future generations. Keep Reading


Themes of Sri Lankan and Canadian Customs Interwoven

Several contrasting themes are debated throughout the plot, such as being a single parent versus marrying someone you don’t love, arranged marriages and love-based matches, setting Sri Lankan customs beside Canadian ones, overcoming challenges vs. succumbing to them. Priya is writing for a New Age magazine; Suresh is a journalist for a Christian publication. Keep Reading

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Jack and the Green Man

Juicy bits of Newfoundland idiom (Jack’s head is “plimmed” with love ballads, and he and the giant are “drove cracked” by the grouchy eagle) and customs (a boil-up on the beach, mummers, a card tournament) are threaded through the books. Keep Reading

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