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Full Speed Ahead is Full of Questions, Adventure

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It brushes over a range of serious topics, like immigration, mining history, geology and acceptance, without settling for too long on any of it — because more than anything, Lukins places her emphasis on telling an exciting tale.

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Pinny in Summer

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Pinny’s day meanders from one thing to the next as her whims take her on all sorts of small adventures — blueberry picking with friends leads to cloud watching, which inspires blueberry cake baking, which results in a windowsill visit from a seagull.

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It Should Have Been a #GoodDay: High Schoolers Navigating Life and Relationships

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It Should Have Been a #GoodDay follows four high schoolers, Emily, Brogan, Thomas and Henry, as they navigate their home and school lives over the course of a day. Some of them know each other, some of them don’t and that’s what matters: how little they know each other.

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Follow the Goose Butt: Puns, Poems, Beauty & New Brunswick Geography Lessons

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This book contains puns, alliteration, poems and beautiful, incredibly detailed illustrations that present the story in an extra special way. It also teaches children about Atlantic Canada’s diverse wildlife and the geography of New Brunswick.

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William Kowalski’s Epic Game is Quick and Fun

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One can easily read this book in a single sitting and be thoroughly entertained.

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Girl on the Run offers insights into boys’ characters

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Girl on the Run

Girl on the Run follows the misadventures of former runner Jesse as she navigates summer camp, awkward moments and heartache.

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Call of the Sea beckons with mermaid tale

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Call of the Sea

Call of the Sea will draw in readers who succumb to the lure of mermaid lore with the story of twins Alex and Ben and a beguiling girl from the water.

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