• Gower Street Harkens Simpler Time in St. John’s

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    Gower StreetThis memoir, Gower Street, by journalist, editor and civil servant Nix Wadden, is a gentle recollection about St. John’s, Newfoundland, primarily during the years of the Great Depression and the Second World War.

    Some life stories act as photo albums of particular times and places. Gower Street is written as much for the writer, who draws pleasure from thinking back on his life, as it is for readers wishing to remember a time when children walked to school on their own and played outside in any weather.

    Gower Street is not a literary memoir with each word finely honed or a story, setting and characters as complex and nuanced as a novel. Nor does it need to be. Primarily, it records the highlights of a successful man’s life. The author gives a tender nod to his home community and its current and former residents.

    Gower Street: A Memoir
    by Nix Wadden
    Flanker Press

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