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    Hannah Smart on a Slippery Slope by Melody Fitzpatrick is the second book in the Hannah Smart series, and happily for her fans, it ends with a teaser about a third. This is a lively, funny series with a lovable heroine who keeps getting herself into impossibly wacky predicaments. Hannah tumbles into all kinds of trouble without meaning to, and her dry wit and panicked asides keep the reader grinning as she lurches from one disaster to another.

    Desperate to fit into the social scene at her new school, Hannah lets people believe that she is an ace skier and snowboarder, when she’s never actually set foot on the slopes. As she slaloms her way through mean girls, peer pressure, and a big crush, the deception escalates, but when she lands a job as a teen reporter for the local TV station, it snowballs out of control. Soon she is perched at the top of a ski slope with a TV camera trained on her, about to record her (literal) downfall.

    Despite the pickles she gets herself into, Hannah is one smart cookie, and her astute observations about the people around her provide much of the humour in the story. Although there is a very clear message that it’s better to tell the truth than to slide into a tangled web of lies, it’s painlessly delivered. Hannah learns her lesson this time, but the reader is left wondering, what on earth will she get up to next? A fun read.

    Hannah Smart on a Slippery Slope
    By Melody Fitzpatrick
    Ages 9 to 12
    $12.99, 216 pages
    DundurnFebruary, 2016

  • Charis Cotter is a freelance writer who lives in Newfoundland and has published several books for children and grownups. Her novel, The Swallow: A Ghost Story, won the IODE Violet Downey Book Award for 2015.

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