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    King of Keji by Jan L. Coates, illustrated by Patsy MacKinnon“I ever tell you about the time I was king?” When Gramps tells Jacob about being King of Keji (Kejimkujik Park) the two decide to plan their own camping trip to the park. Jacob makes a list of treasures that kings might have and the two happily traipse through the woods, along the seashore, to the seaside and the open salt marsh in search of riches. To Jacob’s delight, they find an abundance of precious gifts: emerald green leaves, diamonds sparkling on the water, the seemingly endless stretch of turquoise ocean waters. Gramps takes pictures of their numerous discoveries and soon he deems Jacob ready to be dubbed the new “King of Keji.”

    This beautifully-illustrated picture book highlights the natural wonders that Keji is known for, as seen through the keen eyes of Jacob and his grandfather. Coates invites readers to see the beauty in every leaf and every shell, in the waters, waves and wildlife. Patsy MacKinnon’s exquisite watercolour illustrations are gently luminous and aptly portray the riches that Jacob and Gramps encounter on this trip. A loving tribute to a magnificent place, this book is also a moving depiction of time shared by a boy and his grandfather.

    The King of Keji
    by Jan L. Coates, illustrated by
    Patsy MacKinnon
    $12.95, paperback, 32 pp.
    Nimbus Publishing, May 2015

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