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    Sir John's TableA good biography allows the reader to enter the life of its subject. But rarely does it allow the reader to access the palate of its subject in such a detailed manner as in Sir John’s Table : The Culinary Life and Time of Canada’s First Prime Minister by Lindy Mechefske.

    What at first glance could easily be a dry, academic tome detailing daily minutiae and musings, is in fact a sumptuous glimpse into the life of Sir John A. Macdonald. The recipes contained therein not only highlight what people were eating, but give glimpses into how social and economic status impact a person’s larder. But more importantly, they tempt the reader into making them, bringing the past into the present —­­­ instead of a Proustian madeleine, one may try the wedding cake, studded with currants.

    Sir John’s Table: The Culinary Life and Times of Canada’s First Prime Minister
    by Lindy Mechefske
    Goose Lane Editions

  • Simon Thibault is a Halifax-based journalist and food writer. His work has appeared in The Globe and Mail, Vice, East Coast Living, Saltscapes, and is a regular contributor to CBC Radio in the Maritimes. He is currently working on his first book about Acadian food.

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