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Shortlist announced for the 2017 Atlantic Book Awards

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The Awards will be given out in Paul O’Regan Hall, Halifax Central Library, on Thursday, May 18 at 7:00 p.m.

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Familiar Words; New Ways to Express Feminism

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A feminist killjoy “takes pleasure in the work of interrupting the patriarchal norms that pass as joys.” When the guy at the checkout counter addresses his customer as “my love,” the feminist killjoy is the one who says “I’m not your love.”

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Testament to a Remarkable Final Year of Life

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An autofiction novel is part hospital chronicle, part will – imagined as a series of documents distributed to friends on USB drives after her death. Gendreau’s style is magic realism of that which is anything but magical: Dollarama, hospital corridors, bland mushed-up food.

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