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Nicodemo is Busting Reading Barriers

in #82 Winter 2016/Features/Young Readers by

All children need to read characters they can relate to, and that reflect a variety of perspectives and experiences.

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Mayann’s Train Ride tracks sweet nostalgia

in #80 Winter 2015/History/Reviews/Young Readers Reviews by
Mayann's Train Ride

When school lets out for the summer, Mayann eagerly prepares for her family’s trip to New York City.

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Hannah Smart is back again

in Fiction/Reviews/Web exclusives by

This is a lively, funny series with a lovable heroine who keeps getting herself into impossibly wacky predicaments.

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Women in Publishing

in Features/Web exclusives by
Heather Bryan Women In Publishing

“It used to be that even though the larger publishing companies employed a lot of women, the top tier jobs were typically filled by men but I think this is changing industry-wide.”

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Diane Carmel Léger tells stories of Acadian survival

in #80 Winter 2015/Features by
Diane Carmel Leger

Children’s author Diane Carmel Léger brings Acadian history and culture to life for young readers.

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5 Atlantic Canadian history books for young readers

in Lists/Web exclusives by
kid glasses reading Atlantic Canadian

Sharing Atlantic Canadian history with young readers is a great idea year-round, but even more so today on Family Literacy Day. These books provide engaging glimpses into our storied past. There is everything from folktales and rhymes to stories of survival, triumph and new beginnings. Here are some recent books that highlight Atlantic Canadian history: A lilting Celtic folktale: Wow Wow and Haw Haw by George Murray, illustrated by Michael Pittman Inside an immigration landmark: Pier 21: Stories from near and far by Anne Renaud A kids-eye-view of an historic…

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Squirrels on set

in #80 Winter 2015/Inside the Author's Studio by
Nancy Rose on set

At home with photographer Nancy Rose and her furry subjects

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