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January 2017 Top 5 Reads from Atlantic Canada

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Check out the top 5 best-selling books at Chapters-Indigo in each Atlantic province.

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Author to Author: Lisa Moore Interviews Donna Morrissey

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Jaysus, Lisa, your questions read like poems … my who? Painter-twin?? Ahem, of course, oh yes, absolutely, William Turner! (Quickly googling here) … Ah! Yes, yes, The Painter of Light … light is everything, everywhere, even in our brightest hour we are grovelling for the light…

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The latest of Atlantic Books Today is a “robust and diverse conversation” about Atlantic Canadian books and what they say about our culture, politics, economy and societies.

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A history of award winners

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Chad Pelley tips his hat to acclaimed Atlantic authors.

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What They Wanted serves to heal old wounds

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Donna Morrissey writes the story of her family in her new book

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Atlantic Canada’s book community celebrates the 2008 Atlantic Book Awards

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Atlantic Book Awards

The nominees in the 2008 Atlantic Book Awards come from across the region and span genres, but one thing is clear: Atlantic Canada is a hotbed of literary talent

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Mother-daugher duo team up to write a picture book

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Bridgette and Donna Morrissey

Bridgette and Donna Morrissey tell the tale of writing their first children’s book

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