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Approaching the Precipice of Climate Change

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“Ultimately we need to rethink our relationship with the natural world, because it is this deep, underlying relationship that is at the root of the problems we currently face.”

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PEI Long View

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The environment has played a central role in the history of Prince Edward Island

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Warrior Lawyers Features Ecological Litigators Worthy of Worldwide Fame

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In Warrior Lawyers, we meet a fascinating and inspiring group of seventeen men and women, pioneers doing groundbreaking work, often pro bono, in the field of law and the environment. I call them pioneers because, if we, as the residents of the planet, survive the present onslaught of global warming and climate change, that’s exactly how these people will be known by future generations.

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Follow the Goose Butt: Puns, Poems, Beauty & New Brunswick Geography Lessons

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This book contains puns, alliteration, poems and beautiful, incredibly detailed illustrations that present the story in an extra special way. It also teaches children about Atlantic Canada’s diverse wildlife and the geography of New Brunswick.

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Natural Rights

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Does nature have rights? Do human beings have rights to nature’s elemental offerings, such as air, water and food, and do we have a responsibility to protect nature? These questions are central

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5 Gardening Books

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To help your results match your imagination, here are five gardening books written just for gardeners working with a tough climate

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Water From All Angles

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I think when we look at the waterways from these aspects we don’t just see a body of water, but a living link that connects the past, present and hopefully the future.

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