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Nicodemo is Busting Reading Barriers

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All children need to read characters they can relate to, and that reflect a variety of perspectives and experiences.

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Read Local 2015: Meditations on motherhood, child-free living and the life in between

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I’ll admit that I was apprehensive when Carolyn suggested I choose The M Word: Conversations about Motherhood as my next book. Mother’s Day was on the horizon so this collection was a timely choice, but what business do I have reading a book about motherhood?

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Why you should read a play, right now

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Reading a play is a kitchen party. There’s a degree of anarchy involved where multiple voices rise and fall over the bedlam of parallel arching narratives. Be careful what you say here, anyone could be listening

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On losing your voice and finding your freedom

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The launch of your first book may be the most terrifying step you ever take. Poet Shannon Webb-Campbell shares her story

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A rosy picture of the next stage in human evolution

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Humans 3.0 is a broad, well-written look at how technology is currently affecting individuals, societies and the human species, and how it may change our very natures within the coming decades. Nowak’s research is thorough. He interviews some key thinkers on the topic, as well as vampire author Anne Rice, and consults releases from financial firms, think tanks and international bodies like the United Nations and the World Bank. Nowak points out that he is not a technophile and that he stumbled into his career as a technology reporter somewhat…

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Reader’s Corner: Short stories marrying art and politics

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September’s Reader’s Corner comes from the Box of Delights Bookshop in Wolfville, NS Everything is so Political edited by Sandra McIntyre $19.95 (pb)$16.95 (epub) 9781552665497 (pb), 9781552665947 (epub), 200 pp. Roseway Publishing, May 2013 A collection of short fiction is sometimes a refreshing alternative to a novel. By offering a variety of creative perspectives on the many different kinds of relationships Canadians have to our political process, these thought-provoking stories will provide readers an accessible avenue for discussion into subjects often considered taboo. ~Hilary Drummond is a freelance editor and co-owner…

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