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Books Celebrating African Heritage

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“I live my life a person of African descent 24/7, 365.”

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Origin Story: George Elliott Clarke (Part 2)

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“Voices started to shout, ‘Preach it!’ ‘Testify!’ ‘You’re home now!’”

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DUPLICITY, from George Elliott Clarke’s Gold

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My double visage suits my double tongue—

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The Many Hues of George Elliott Clarke

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Henceforth, no one in Canada may pretend that white settler poetry is somehow “neutral” or unmarked, or that our colonial history may be simply resumed in a tale of two founding nations.

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Best Gift Books – Our Staff Picks:

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Best Gift Books – Our Staff Picks: We’re having trouble resisting a good old-fashioned book-buying spree. But this time with loved ones in mind.

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Leviathan: A Poetic Kaleidoscope of Strange Manly Roles

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One has the sense of entering into a poetry kaleidoscope, where images cycle and shift with the author’s own triggered associations; as he enters the same manly roles his father modelled, the whole male dynamic swirls into varied imagery, emotions, commentary, memories.

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A Vision in Wood and Stone: Lively Writing and Elegant Photography

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“While architecture may not change the world in its own right, our best structures certainly create an environment that might nurture the initiatives and ideas that will.”

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