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Criminal Charges for Doing His Job: An Interview With Journalist Justin Brake

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“If journalists are afraid, or aren’t permitted, to follow major stories … we lose a keystone of democracy in Canada: press freedom and the right to know.”

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After Ghomeshi

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Within our justice system, all aspects of a victim’s personal life are on the table: sexual history, correspondence, drinking and drug use. The accused is not put through the same paces; he has the right not to testify. While few in the legal community wish to see this protection removed, it creates a power imbalance in sexual assault cases.

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Fascinating, Heartfelt Stories of Seafaring Characters

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The characters in Wellman’s book are as varied as fish in the sea. Yet they have one thing in common: they all have led fascinating lives, and their stories are heartfelt.

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Turbulent politics on The Rock

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McLeod has filled this book with fascinating little vignettes sure to titillate political junkies and entertain readers.

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Globe & Mail foreign affairs columnist Doug Saunders talks about Arrival City: The Final Migration and Our Next World


Foreign Affairs columnist Doug Saunders will be presenting a Public Book Talk on his 2011 national best-seller, Arrival City: The Final Migration and Our Next World. His focus will be on the diverse groups of people who struggle to make the transition in the developing ‘new world order.’ Their stories – from villages in China, India, Bangladesh and Poland to the international cities of the world – give surprising glimpses into the forces and life experiences that shape stable, productive communities. The event is co-sponsored with the Halifax Public Libraries…

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Inside Atlantic Canada’s Most Secretive Family

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Being a former employee of the Irving media empire gave Jacques Poitras a unique view on the powerful family

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