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Author to Author: Lisa Moore Interviews Donna Morrissey

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Jaysus, Lisa, your questions read like poems … my who? Painter-twin?? Ahem, of course, oh yes, absolutely, William Turner! (Quickly googling here) … Ah! Yes, yes, The Painter of Light … light is everything, everywhere, even in our brightest hour we are grovelling for the light…

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A Collection of Some of Newfoundland’s Best Plays

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Accompanied by full production details, it both preserves the texts of ephemeral theatrical experience and provides the mechanics for re-staging them.

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The latest of Atlantic Books Today is a “robust and diverse conversation” about Atlantic Canadian books and what they say about our culture, politics, economy and societies.

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Origin Stories: Lisa Moore

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Lisa Moore Caught

“…just having people listen to the story, was incredibly thrilling.”

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An Ode to Indies

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“She did all the proofreading, kept her books, filed her taxes, hired and paid staff, tracked royalties and paid writers.”

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Mom’s Favourite Book

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Though Mum was warm and sociable, with a host of good friends, she had an instinctive and deep-rooted sympathy for rebels and others who didn’t quite fit

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Lisa Moore’s Flannery will put you under a spell

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Flannery Lisa Moore

Although written for a younger audience, Flannery still gives a fascinating character study of a young woman who is forced to grow up too quickly.

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