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Melody Fitzpatrick

Editor’s Picks: History

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History books worth repeating

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Fitzpatrick’s Hannah Smart takes to the high seas

in #82 Winter 2016/Reviews/Young Readers Reviews by

Hannah is a funny, slightly goofball heroine with good intentions who has a talent for doing and saying the wrong thing. Her endearing clumsiness will keep readers laughing and cheering her on.

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Hannah Smart is back again

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This is a lively, funny series with a lovable heroine who keeps getting herself into impossibly wacky predicaments.

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A bright and breezy middle-grade novel

in #79 Fall 2015/Reviews/Young Readers Reviews by

Hannah Smart: Operation Josh Taylor
by Melody Fitzpatrick
$12.99, paperback, 144 pp.
Dundurn Press, October 2015

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