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2017 Frye Festival


The Frye Festival exists to feed imaginations, and to celebrate reading and writing by connecting authors with our bilingual community. Join us in Greater Moncton for the Frye Festival 2017, from April 22 to 29, a bilingual international festival of books, ideas and the imagination. Visit www.frye.ca for more information. Le Festival Frye existe pour en mettre plein la tête et pour célébrer la lecture et l’écriture en créant des occasions de rencontre entre des auteurs et notre communauté bilingue. Rendez-vous au Grand Moncton pour le Festival Frye 2017, ayant…

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Moncton Writer’s Trip

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The captain of the football team and cheerleaders were suddenly the outcasts and the outcasts, who played music and had long hair, were now the cool kids.

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Being an Artist

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I turned my back on writing, but it always ate at my conscience and slowly, poem by poem, story by story, crept back into my life.

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Kerry-Lee Powell launches Willem de Kooning’s Paintbrush

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“Fractured, figurative but it’s smashed,” Powell says. “It’s not always linear. There is a lot of violence and trauma.”

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Moncton gears up for Atlantic Book Awards

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part of a larger effort to make the Atlantic Book Awards a truly regional initiative

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Diane Carmel Léger tells stories of Acadian survival

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Diane Carmel Leger

Children’s author Diane Carmel Léger brings Acadian history and culture to life for young readers.

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Bouton d’Or Acadie celebrates coast-to-coast partnership with kindergarten program

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Bonjour la rivière, a beloved children’s book published by New Brunswick-based publishing house Bouton d’Or Acadie, will now be included in the Bienvenue à la maternelle program.

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