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Themes of Sri Lankan and Canadian Customs Interwoven

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Several contrasting themes are debated throughout the plot, such as being a single parent versus marrying someone you don’t love, arranged marriages and love-based matches, setting Sri Lankan customs beside Canadian ones, overcoming challenges vs. succumbing to them. Priya is writing for a New Age magazine; Suresh is a journalist for a Christian publication.

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Real Heroes Get PTSD

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Lately, our literary detective-types have been showing some realistic signs of wear and tear. It can show up as post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), a lasting psychological disorder resulting from exposure to a harrowing experience, with symptoms that range from nightmares and flashbacks to memories that trigger muscle tension and increased heart rate.

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December 2016 Top 5 Reads from Atlantic Canada

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Check out the top 5 best-selling books at Chapters-Indigo in each Atlantic province.

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Gower Street Harkens Simpler Time in St. John’s

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Gower Street

Gower Street, by journalist, editor and civil servant Nix Wadden, is a gentle recollection about St. John’s, NL, primarily during the years of the Great Depression and the Second World War.

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Why We Need Women’s Stories…

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Women hold three percent of decision-making positions in media management, and only twenty percent of news articles are about women and their experiences.

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The Mysterious Tale of the Ferryland Visitor Evokes Wonder

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Told through the eyes of the youngest child in the family, it takes a very quiet, everyday approach to what is essentially anything but an everyday occurrence. The result evokes wonder rather than horror.

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Fascinating, Heartfelt Stories of Seafaring Characters

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The characters in Wellman’s book are as varied as fish in the sea. Yet they have one thing in common: they all have led fascinating lives, and their stories are heartfelt.

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