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The Secret Life of Squirrels: A Love Story Showcases Finely Tuned Whimsy

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The tiny sets and props are perfectly constructed to delight children and grownups alike.

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Field Notes: 42 Essays of Universal Truth in Rural Nova Scotia

in Memoir/Non-fiction/Reviews by

Pull up a chair and sit for awhile.

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Origin Story: George Elliott Clarke (Part 2)

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“Voices started to shout, ‘Preach it!’ ‘Testify!’ ‘You’re home now!’”

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A Hard Old Love Amongst Scavengers: Joycean Prose, Living With Trauma

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A highly recommended, challenging, rewarding and moving work by an under-appreciated Canadian author.

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Voices in the Fire: Lesser Known Multi-Ethnic History

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a good historical mystery, to better understand a lesser-known period in Canada’s multi-cultural, multi-ethnic history

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Halifax Poor House Fire: A History and Critique of Societal Supports

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Laffoley states that one of his aims was to give “voice to those rendered voiceless.” He does that for the 30 residents aged 20 to 88, who died.

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DUPLICITY, from George Elliott Clarke’s Gold

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My double visage suits my double tongue—

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