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Books Celebrating African Heritage

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“I live my life a person of African descent 24/7, 365.”

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Origin Story: George Elliott Clarke (Part 2)

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“Voices started to shout, ‘Preach it!’ ‘Testify!’ ‘You’re home now!’”

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Halifax Poor House Fire: A History and Critique of Societal Supports

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Laffoley states that one of his aims was to give “voice to those rendered voiceless.” He does that for the 30 residents aged 20 to 88, who died.

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Origin Story: George Elliott Clarke (Part I of 2)

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“That summer — 1975 — I started to write songs. I wrote four songs a day and I did that for two or three years.”

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Emancipate Yourself From Mental Slavery

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“Redemption Song” is one of the greatest hymns composed by humanity. And it was born in Nova Scotia.

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The Life of Alice is a Genre-bending Biography of an Unusual Ancestor

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Alice also fell in love with, and married, a much older man – who was divorced. That was then an extremely unorthodox social situation and it caused her family to disown her.

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Clearing by Dawn Explores the Fear of Death and the Day to Day

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Miranda’s angst is believable, as are the behaviours and motives of all of the book’s characters. And Hull has the dialogue down pat: her characters talk to each other as real people do, Maritimers in particular.

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