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Oland Murder Analysis

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The directions the judge gave to the jury were deemed prejudicial on appeal, and Dennis Oland’s conviction was overturned.

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Who is Capable of Murder? An Excerpt from Debra Kumar’s Black River Road

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Philly was visibly relieved to see Maggie arrive alone.

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Mom’s Favourite Book

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Though Mum was warm and sociable, with a host of good friends, she had an instinctive and deep-rooted sympathy for rebels and others who didn’t quite fit

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Justice Denied

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Author says racism, undue media influence and biased law enforcement not bound by region or time In her 2014 book The Lynching of Peter Wheeler, the second in a series of four historical true crime books, author and former forensic scientist Debra Komar investigates two cases of murder, revealing one killer. On January 27, 1896, 14-year-old Annie Kempton was murdered in her home in Bear River, Nova Scotia. Nine months later, following a sloppy and highly-publicized investigation, a Black man named Peter Wheeler was wrongfully hung for the crime. While…

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True NL crime recounted, from the heinous to the bizarre

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Murder on the Rock: True Crime in Newfoundland and Labrador
by Robert C. Parsons
$19.95, paperback, 278 pp.
Flanker Press, August 2015

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