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Mister Nightingale, Returning to Newfoundland Less Impressive Than He Thought

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He’s the out-of-town writer hanging around the bar at last call

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Real Heroes Get PTSD

in #82 Winter 2016/Features/Fiction by

Lately, our literary detective-types have been showing some realistic signs of wear and tear. It can show up as post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), a lasting psychological disorder resulting from exposure to a harrowing experience, with symptoms that range from nightmares and flashbacks to memories that trigger muscle tension and increased heart rate.

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Women in Publishing

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Heather Bryan Women In Publishing

“It used to be that even though the larger publishing companies employed a lot of women, the top tier jobs were typically filled by men but I think this is changing industry-wide.”

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Crewe is back with her trademark wit

in #79 Fall 2015/Fiction/Reviews by
Amazing Grace - Lesley Crewe

Amazing Grace
by Lesley Crewe
$19.95, paperback, 288 pp.
Vagrant Press, September 2015

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A whimsical, delightful novel reminds us all to be careful what we wish for

in #76 Fall 2014/Fiction/Reviews by

Chloe Sparrow
by Lesley Crewe
$19.95, paperback, 288 pp.
Vagrant Press, August 2014

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