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Jack and the Magnificent Ugly Stick is an East Coast Musical Journey

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Gorgeous illustrations and a fun story line work together to introduce young readers to a traditional Newfoundland instrument.

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The Secret Life of Squirrels: A Love Story Showcases Finely Tuned Whimsy

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The tiny sets and props are perfectly constructed to delight children and grownups alike.

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Michael de Adder on Kate Beaton’s Golden Pencil

in #82 Winter 2016/Columns/First Person by

It seems like everything Beaton’s pencil touches turns to gold, which is apt, because her second children’s book is called King Baby. King Baby, like Princess and the Pony, is as entertaining for parents as it is for children. King Baby is about a newborn baby and illustrates how first-borns rule their parents with absolute power.

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Thundermaker captures storytelling spirit, wisdom

in #80 Winter 2015/Reviews/Young Readers Reviews by
The Thundermaker

Based on Alan Syliboy’s multimedia exhibit, this book captures the storytelling spirit of the Mi’Kmaw people.

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The Mysterious Tale of the Ferryland Visitor Evokes Wonder

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Told through the eyes of the youngest child in the family, it takes a very quiet, everyday approach to what is essentially anything but an everyday occurrence. The result evokes wonder rather than horror.

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Follow the Goose Butt: Puns, Poems, Beauty & New Brunswick Geography Lessons

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This book contains puns, alliteration, poems and beautiful, incredibly detailed illustrations that present the story in an extra special way. It also teaches children about Atlantic Canada’s diverse wildlife and the geography of New Brunswick.

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Around Newfoundland With the Kids

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Adults can help children extend their literary experience through reading extension activities, using music, art and science. Dawn Baker’s Around Newfoundland is a great book to start with.

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