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True confession: four years ago, I moved from Waterloo, Ontario, to Halifax. With me came the naive belief that every place in Canada was mostly the same.  How wrong I was.  This windswept, hurricane-prone East Coast and its craggy, seemingly limitless shoreline is anything but. Here lives an intricately connected holding ground for raw, unadulterated, infinitely creative writing talent, informed by place and plentiful enough to…



So you want to write a book


“You should write a book!” How often have you said or heard that?
Everyone has a story to tell, and everyone seems to know a master storyteller, especially on the East Coast. But spinning a yarn is more akin to threading a needle, compared to the long, dedicated work of weaving an intricate tapestry that is an actual book. Getting published is another mystery to navigate and daunting enough that most don’t dare even try.