5 books on the beauty of nature for Earth Day

Tree lane vineyard
Photo: Joseph Muise

Earth Day invites you to think about the environment and the wonders of the nature. Here are 5 books to help you reflect on the planet and the beautiful natural world we have right here in Atlantic Canada.

The Lost WildernessThe Lost Wilderness: Rediscovering W.F. Ganong’s New Brunswick

by Nicholas Guitard

Part photographic comparison between the past and present forests of New Brunswick and part commentary on how the province’s wilderness has remained intact into the 21st-century, The Lost Wilderness follows the trail of one of New Brunswick’s most famous historians. The author trekked through the same journey as Ganong and the book is sure to inspire you as you see the beauty of the New Brunswick wilderness from the past and today.

A Sea Glass Journey: Ebb and Flow

by Teri HallA Sea Glass Journey

The go-to resource for everything you want to know about sea glass. Teri Hall talks all about the origins, where to find it and the rarity of the colours. With over 130 photos, the book will leave you with a deep appreciation for the wonder of the sea and all the beautiful things it can create.

Restoring the Acadian ForestRestoring the Acadian Forest: 2nd Edition

by Jamie Simpson

For those of us who want to take a more practical approach to conservation and restoration this Earth Day, this book is a comprehensive resource to planning and maintaining an Acadian forest woodlot. The edition features full photographs and illustrations as well as a section on the legal obligations and information on how to start a woodlot. It’s also a handy guide for the trees of the Acadian Forest.

Labrador - The Big LandLabrador: The Big Land

by Dennis Minty

Minty’s follow-up to his photographic tour of the island in Newfoundland: An Island Apart, this book lets you explore the big land of the north. Stunning photography shows all of Labrador’s vivid colours and grandeur. Labrador: The Big Land is a real treat for nature-lovers and who want to experience one of the most unique places on earth.

King of Keji by Jan L. Coates, illustrated by Patsy MacKinnonThe King of Keji

Written by Jan L. Coates; illustrated by Patsy MacKinnon

You’re never too young to start finding wonders in nature. The King of Keji follows Jacob and his grandfather as they hike through Kejimkujik National Park and find the hidden treasures around them. Beautifully illustrated, it’s a delight for young readers who love the outdoors.

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5 books on the beauty of nature for Earth Day

Earth Day invites you to think about the environment and the wonders...
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