5 Books to Escape With

Daydream fantasy or guides to make it all real

Let’s start with the Bucket List, capitalized. Bit of a morbid term, that, but like any good aphorism it effectively sums up an idea, that we’ve got got a few things we want to be sure to do before we die. It’s in the title of one of these books, which are all similarly about making fantasy reality. Dreaming and then doing. They are all books that can be read as daydream fantasy, or used as guides to make those fantasies real. And because they’re all Atlantic Canadian, you don’t have to break any COVID bubbles to get it done. Without further ado:

The Nova Scotia Bucket List
Dale Dunlop
Formac Publishing

To dream, perchance to go on 25 of the best little trips Nova Scotia has to offer. Or more likely, the ones that appeal to any given reader. There’s a great variety here, something for everyone from the adrenalin junkie to the history buff, the leisure golfer to the nature appreciator.

Hikes of Newfoundland
Katie Broadhurst
Boulder Books

This is a guide to the must-sees of Newfoundland, as seen on foot, covering the whole island, west to east. Whatever your hiking level, you’ll find something worth doing among the more than 150 trails included in this guide, with plenty of detail to help you plan your trip, including map and GPS references. And full of gorgeous photos to get you dreaming about the next hike.

Geology of New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island
Sandra Barr & Martha Hickman Hild
Boulder Books

The land tells a story. Geology of New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island brings that story alive on the page. Or you can take it with you to the land, and it will help you find the story from the source. This is a traveller’s guide to sites of geologic interest in New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island. Maps, GPS waypoints, and travel directions make it easy for anyone to visit breathtaking, informative locations both on and off the beaten path. These sites reveal the geological history of the two provinces.

Philip Lee
Goose Lane Editions

“The wild river is creation in motion, yet each season when we return to the valley, we recognize landmarks from stories centuries old, the names passed on from one generation of travellers to the next: Campbell’s, Jimmy’s Hole, Cheyne, Trotting Grounds, Stillwater, Devil’s Half Acre, Three Sisters, Shingle, White Brook Island, Pine Island, Cross Point, Two Brooks, Chamberlain Shoals, Chain of Rocks, Rafting Grounds.” Philip Lee’s canoe trip covers decades of historical reflection on the importance of a mighty river’s impact on its people.

Saltwater Gifts From the Island of Newfoundland
Christine LeGrow & Shirley A Scott
Boulder Books

This is of course a different kind of escape, into the satisfaction of creating something with your hands–for your hands. LeGrow and Scott have collected and expertly recreated some of Newfoundland’s most beloved knitwear, sprinkling in heavy doses of creative flair. Here you’ll find stunning, unique patterns. Featuring tips, tricks and tales, Saltwater Gifts is a book for givers everywhere.




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