5 Books for Young Adults

The last day of school and summer vacation are just around the corner. But this being Atlantic Canada, we’re sure to get as many rainy days as we are sunny ones. Here’s a list of 5 YA novels to add to your summer reading lists you can enjoy rain or shine.

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Prisoner of WarrenPrisoner of Warren, Andreas Oertel. Warren Webb’s father decides to hire a German prisoner-of-war, Martin, to help on their New Brunswick Farm in 1940. Warren isn’t thrilled to have a nazi living with him, but soon he and Martin are forced to rely on each other when their lives are threatened. An engaging look at friends and enemies, the inner-life of a 13-year old is told with frankness and humour.



It Should Have Been a #GoodDayIt Should Have Been a #Goodday, Natalie Corbett Sampson. A single day at a high school is told through 4 very different narrators. A new kid, a jock, a wannabe, and a loner; the characters are everyone you know at school. Their separate days unwittingly intertwine with each other in a way that changes their lives forever.


Flannery Lisa MooreFlannery, Lisa Moore. Be on the look out for Moore’s first YA novel about a girl who’s life starts falling apart until she develops a love potion for a class project that everyone wants a taste of. Even with a hot commodity on her hands, she learns real-life love is far more powerful and potentially damaging. Heartbreaking and hilarious, Flannery will keep you spellbound.


Call of the SeaCall of the Sea, Amanda Labonté. A paranormal adventure set on the shore of Newfoundland, Call of the Sea follows Alex as he searches for his twin brother. Armed only with his musical talent, Alex must rely on a strange, yet alluring, girl he mets on the ocean waves. Great to read at the beach if you need a little shiver up your spine.


GiGirl on the Runrl on the Run, BR Myers. A spirited beach read about track-and-field star Jesse Collins whose scholarship dreams are shattered by the sudden death of her father. Blaming herself, Jesse heads to a summer camp to escape her guilt. She’s mistaken for a boy and ends up counselor for a bunch of misfits.  Funny and inspiring, Girl on the Run is a great pick-me-up for the summer blahs.

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