5 festive Atlantic books to celebrate the holiday season

Christmas greenery

The holidays are full of traditions, particularly here in Atlantic Canada. From gift-giving and Santa Claus parades to time with family and friends, the magic of the season creates a perfect backdrop for stories remembered and shared. This collection of holiday reads from across the region are guaranteed to put you in the holiday spirit as you reminisce about holidays past and discover new-to-you celebrations.


A Time That WasA Time That Was: Christmas in Newfoundland
by Gary Collins
This is a beautiful collection of stories set in outport Newfoundland that celebrates the cherished memories of Christmases long ago as well as more modern-day celebrations.
$19.95, paperback, 181 pp.
Flanker Press


Sleigh Tracks in New SnowSleigh Tracks in New Snow: Maritime Christmas Stories
by Wayne Curtis
In this collection of stories, set mostly in rural New Brunswick, Curtis honours the deeply-held traditions and rituals that made celebrating Christmas such a special time for his family and community.
$18.95, paperback, 160 pp.
Pottersfield Press


Snow Softly FallingSnow Softly Falling: Holiday Stories from Prince Edward Island
edited by Richard Lemm
This new anthology gathers short stories, memoirs and poems by four dozen well-known and new Island authors. Here is the wide range of experience and emotion associated with winter holidays: joyful or serene, troubled or sorrowful, comical, harrowing, and sublime.
$19.95, paperback, 220 pp.
The Acorn Press


Mary Morrison's CB ChristmasMary Morrison’s Cape Breton Christmas
by Bette MacDonald
This treasury of all things holiday includes advice for coping with family, gift-giving dos and don’ts, and even her favourite seasonal recipes. This softcover edition of the popular book is a hilarious and colourful collection of Cape Breton Christmas humour.
$19.95, paperback, 104 pp.
Nimbus Publishing


The Finest TreeThe Finest Tree And Other Christmas Stories from Atlantic Canada
edited by Dan Soucoup
21 tales of Atlantic Canadian Christmases, true and make-believe, past and present, including well-loved authors such as L.M. Montgomery, Alden Nowlan, Josie Penny, Gary Saunders, Wayne Curtis, and plenty more.
$16.95, paperback, 168 pp.
Nimbus Publishing

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Lauren d'Entremont is the managing editor of Atlantic Books Today. Originally from Amherst, NS, she currently lives, writes, and edits in Halifax.

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