Anne Bérubé’s Self-Help in Disguise

Gripping personal tale teaches us to breathe, listen and learn

The memoir, Be Feel Think Do is a self-help book in disguise.

The author, Anne Bérubé, begins her story with her own recollection of a dreadful car crash, during which she mystically sees an alternate version of her life unfold before her eyes like a movie. This life is not the one she’s currently living; however, it is the life she feels she should be living. A reality where her true feelings speak to her and guide her to prioritize being and feeling over thinking before doing.

Bérubé develops her story by presenting her life, her decisions, her relationships and her surroundings. She then moves on to reflecting on her own experiences of opening herself up to accepting this new life with a focus on self-healing, breathing, accepting and being. Allowing her “inner eye” to be her guide and realizing just how her actions and decisions may serve rather than benefit. Realizing that she must love and accept herself before she can love and accept others. She emphasizes the importance of learning from teachers, whether they be her professors, workshop leaders, mentors, parents, partners or her own children.

Bérubé’s gripping tale takes us through her healing, not only of her body after the crash but also of her heart, mind and soul. This is Anne’s story of self-discovery, changes, learning and teaching. But she is also teaching us how to heal and breathe and accept life’s offerings, and to not settle for the things we think we need or want. Her story teaches us to let our own being and feelings influence our choices.

Written as a gripping autobiographical memoir, this self-help book in disguise tells Bérubé’s story of self-discovery but also leads us to our own self-discovery. Along with Bérubé, we are taught to breathe, listen and learn. As someone who generally doesn’t read self-help books, this memoir tricked me. I appreciate Anne’s natural ability to teach through this memoir and thank her for sharing her story and wisdom.

Be Feel Think Do
Anne Bérubé
Hay House

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Genevieve MacIntyre majored in English Literature at St. Francis Xavier University (BA 2003), studied Journalism at the University of King's College (BJ 2004), and completed a Masters degree in Communications at Mount Saint Vincent University (MA 2016). She currently works in communications and alumni relations for the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences at Dalhousie University.

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