August 2018: Top 5 Sellers from Chapters-Coles-Indigo in each Atlantic Province

The region's bestsellers by province


1. Waterfalls of Nova Scotia by Benoit Lalonde (Local Interest)

2. Bluenoser’s Book of Slang by Vernon Oickle (Local Interest)

3. Be Prepared! The Frankie MacDonald Guide to Life The Weather and Everything by Frankie MacDonald and Sarah Sawler (Kids Reference)

4. Wholesome Horror by Brenda Thompson (Local Interest)

5. Eating Wild In Eastern Canada by Jamie Simpson (Local Interest)



1. Hiking Trails of New Brunswick 4ED by Marianne Eiselt (Local Interest)

2. Eating Wild In Eastern Canada by Jamie Simpson (Local Interest)

3. Waterfalls Of New Brunswick by Nicholas Guitard (Local Interest)

4. Where Duty Lies by John Cunningham (Local Interest)

5. Irving VS Irving by Jacques Poitras (Business)



1. Golden Boy by Grant Matheson (Local Interest)

2. Anne of Green Gables by L.M Montgomery (Young Readers 9-12)

3.  Put Your Hand In My Hand by Harvey Sawler (Local Interest)

4.    Formac Pocketguide to Prince Edward Island Birds by Jeffery Domm (Pets and Animals)

5. Photographer’s Guide to Prince Edward Island by John Sylvester (Local Interest)



1. Operation Wormwood by Helen Escott (Local Interest)

2. Cops In Kabul by William C. Malone (Local Interest)

3.  Growing Up Next To The Mental by Brian Callahan (Local Interest)

4. Soul Steps by Veronica Connors (Local Interest)

5. The Secret of Bowring Park by Christine Gordon Manley (Local Interest)




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Chantelle Rideout is the Manager of Programming and Member Services for the Atlantic Publishers Marketing Association.

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