Excerpt: Bygone Days – Folklore, Traditions & Fingernails, by Reginald “Dutch” Thompson

Better known as “Dutch”— Reginald Thompson is a multi-faceted storyteller with unforgettable voices—those of Roy from Murray Harbour North, Adelaide from Bunbury, Gus from Chepstow, and countless others. He tells the stories of the Bygone days in Prince Edward Island [sometimes NS, too], that, without Dutch’s talent and care, might be remembered only by family and close friends or lost altogether.

CMO’s Message

Full disclosure: I’m not from the book world. But in the last year, I’ve been captured by it. The region’s publishers and authors’ passion, creativity and openness are infectious, and as business guy turned book convert, my goal now is to both expand awareness and consumption of Atlantic books. Recently, one of Canada’s largest book printers commented that there are more new books coming out of…