Cookbook revisits bologna in cupcakes, poutine and more

The Bologna Cookbook
By Kevin Phillips
$19.95, paperback, 149 pp.
Flanker Press, August 2014

The Bologna CookbookMilitary life often demands precision and focus on one specific task, as does life in a kitchen. Former military man and full-time cook, Newfoundland’s own Kevin Phillips has published his first book dedicated to one ingredient: bologna. He opens the book detailing how over 400 million pounds of bologna are eaten in Newfoundland and Labrador every year, and describes how his household was no different than any other home on the rock.

Creativity is also a desirable trait to have in the military and the kitchen, and Phillips has it in spades. With The Bologna Cookbook, Phillips runs the gamut with dozens of recipes using the famed forcemeat. The recipes range from the clever (bologna meatloaf) to the ridiculous (bologna poutine) to the crave-able (mac and cheese bologna). So fry up a slice or two and sit down and discover bologna in ways you never thought possible.

The Bologna Cookbook
By Kevin Phillips
$19.95, paperback, 149 pp.
Flanker Press, August 2014

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Simon Thibault is a Halifax-based journalist and food writer. His work has appeared in The Globe and Mail, Vice, East Coast Living, Saltscapes, and is a regular contributor to CBC Radio in the Maritimes. Palate and Pantry is his first book.

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