Proust questionnaires

Sheri Fitch

Proust questionnaire: Sheree Fitch


Sheree Fitch has been delighting readers young and old with her lyrical whimsy for decades. Silly, funny and outrageous, Toes in My Nose is the book that launched Sheree Fitch’s career as Canada’s premiere nonsense poet. From Popcorn Pete and Mabel Murple to Zelba Zinnamon, Toes in My Nose includes some of the best-loved poems and characters in Canadian children’s literature

Lisa Moore Caught

Proust questionnaire: Lisa Moore


Lisa Moore is the author of two collections of short stories: Degrees of Nakedness and Open, plus the novels February, Alligator and, most recently, Caught. Moore—who says if she could be anyone else for a day, she would be Isadora Duncan or Beyoncé