Regional Reads: Recommended reading


Readers often enjoy books that offer similar sensibilities, or with similar themes, genres or subject matter. Here are some recommendations to keep fans of ghost stories, true crime and mysteries happily reading in Atlantic Canadian style

New kids on the children’s book publishing block


Readers often forget that behind every book, there are hours of research, countless drafts, and plenty of marketing meetings. But the whole thing can be just as surprising for new authors and publishers. Recently, Atlantic Books Today spoke with two first-time authors and a new publisher to find what it’s like to be the new kid on the block. Here’s what they told us. Filling gaps…

Crimes Against My Brother David Adams Richards

Richards paints a vivid picture of bleak lives


Early in David Adams Richards’ latest novel, his narrator notes that his three strong, male, blue-collar rural protagonists are “smarter, more resilient and more joyful” than his middle-class, left-leaning students. He proceeds to paint a vivid picture of these men’s bleak lives, deceptions, personal and moral failings, and how they’re interwoven with the collusion of government and a multinational forestry corporation that kills their hometown. The…