Past Dartmouth Book Award winnering books including titles by Stephen Kimber, Lesley Choyce, Silver Donald Cameron and Ann-Marie MacDonald.

The Dartmouth Book Awards: 25 years and counting


The Dartmouth Book Awards honour the region’s best writers “Toronto had one. Ottawa had one. Why not a book award in Dartmouth?” That was the question Paul Robinson asked himself 27 years ago—and Robinson, an arts supporter and passionate community advocate, is not the type to let a good idea go unrealized. To that end, he set about to bring allies and sponsors on board, and…

Beware the Gales of August covers

Beware the gales of August


Three books explore Atlantic Canada’s epic battles with the elements Literature, like all art, is subject to that mysterious tide of interest we label Zeitgeist. This season has brought the publication of three non-fiction books that, in different ways, explore the devastating storms that rocked fishing communities in Newfoundland, Nova Scotia, and New England in the late 1920s: The August Gales: The Tragic Loss of Fishing…