The limitless flow, written from the rock


Finding his way to the start of a new book has become a familiar route for the award-winning Newfoundland author Michael Crummey. First, there is the avoidance, a glorious, elastic period that stretches for months and sometimes even years. It involves high productivity with activities such as baking molasses buns midday and, really, anything other than book-writing.  Then comes the reckoning, a shorter phase wherein Crummey…

Strange things done in the northern


Our history is comprised of many voices, but there are a small handful of Atlantic Canadian stories that are told more often than others. These tales, while important, are not the whole picture. Untold stories are hidden everywhere: in small and all-but-forgotten Nova Scotia towns, in abandoned buildings and in old photographs that lie in dust-covered photo albums. Silent stories also reside in our streets. For instance, countless people travel through Higney Avenue in Burnside on their way to work each day, but few know the story of its namesake.

25 years in the making


Sometimes a character gets in a writer’s head and won’t let go until their story is told. Laurie Glenn Norris shares her own story of a three-decade journey researching and writing the novel, Found Drowned, based on the life of Mary Harney and the true, unsolved crime surrounding her death.  Q: What did you study at university? A: My degree is in anthropology and history. I…