Of writing and story: Putting it all together


Lynn Coady used to tell students of writing that “if you’re not having fun writing, you shouldn’t do it because what’s the point?” Since monetary rewards are elusive, a writer should at least write because she enjoys it. For Coady, her latest novel Watching You Without Me poses an exception to that advice.

Teenage Life


Set in a generic Fredericton suburb called Skyline Acres, this is the fictional biography of Martin Peters, a teenager with type 1 diabetes.

Thinking outside the edges


Death, Buddhism and flat earth thinkers are the themes explored in three very different books that hit the stands this fall. From a conversation with Tina Turner about the power of music, to an entire museum dedicated to flat earth findings, four authors are using creative ways to present topics they’re passionate about and, hopefully, intrigue readers around the world. Now that they’ve wrapped everything up into perfectly bound packages, writer Lindsay Ruck had a chance to chat with each of them and ask a few questions about their recent works.