A tipple or two


Teetotallers aside, most of us enjoy the occasional drink. Alcohol, though not healthy in excess, tends to loosen us up, relieve the day’s stresses and make us a tad less inhibited.

It takes a community


From time to time, someone uncovers our blind spots and brings to the forefront of our attention a perspective we have overlooked or suppressed and a shift in the thinking of a culture is generated. Michael Ungar’s book Change Your World has the potential to provide such a shift.

Of writing and story: Putting it all together


Lynn Coady used to tell students of writing that “if you’re not having fun writing, you shouldn’t do it because what’s the point?” Since monetary rewards are elusive, a writer should at least write because she enjoys it. For Coady, her latest novel Watching You Without Me poses an exception to that advice.