December 2016 Top 5 Reads from Atlantic Canada

Check out the top 5 best-selling books at Chapters-Indigo in each Atlantic province.


1. The Witches Of New York by Ami McKay (Fiction) (Fiction)
2. Mary Mary by Lesley Crewe (Fiction)
3. I’m Not What I Seem by Charlie Rhindress (Local Interest)
4. 100 Things You Don’t Know About Nova Scotia by Sarah Sawler (Local Interest)
5. Just Between You And Me by Myles Goodwyn (Biography)





1. Shadow Of Doubt by Bobbi-Jean MacKinnon (True Crime)
2. Truth And Honour by Greg Marquis (True Crime)
3. The Witches Of New York by Ami McKay (Fiction)
4. Black River Road by Debra Komar (History & Political Science)
5. New Brunswick Was His Country by Ronald Rees (Local Interest)





1. Vintage Christmas by Marlene Campbell (Local Interest)
2. An Islander Strikes Back by Patrick Ledwell (Local Interest)
3. Over By The Car by David Weale (Local Interest)
4. You Know You’re An Islander When… by Ivy Knight (Local Interest)
5. The Witches Of New York by Ami McKay (Fiction)






1. Now I’m Catching On by Bob Cole (Sports)
2. Riddle Me This One by John Doyle (Local Interest)
3. Rock Recipes Christmas by Barry C. Parsons (Local Interest)
4. Treasury Of Newfoundland Stories Vol II by Jack Fitzgerald (Local Interest)
5. No Punches Pulled by Bill Rowe (Local Interest)






1. Big Book of Lexicon Volumes 789 by Theresa (Local Interest)
2. Lexicon Volume 17 by Theresa Williams (Local Interest)
3. East Coast Way Of Life Colouring Book by Meghan Bangay (Local Interest)
4. Big Book Of Lexicon Volumes 123 by Theresa Williams (Local Interest)
5. Colours of Newfoundland And Labrador by Bobbi Pike (Local Interest)


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Vaughn Horne is the Production Manager at Atlantic Publishers Marketing Association.

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