Divide and conquer

Split by Libby Creelman $22.95, paperback, 374 pp. Goose Lane Edition, September 2015


A complex page-turner, Split is a compelling and intense novel with incredible depth. Libby Creelman has spun a magnificent story of April and Pilgrim, two twins who share a very special connection, yet are split forever by decisions made as young women. Set in the 1960s, the girls’ lives are forever changed when their progressive father recruits a young doctor from the Bahamas to come to their small Massachusetts town. Both of the twins fall under his spell, but the rest of the town certainly does not.

Creelman writes with keen observation and creates deep, complicated characters that makes it difficult to pick sides. Split is continuously unpredictable, and always keeps the reader uncertain of what will happen next as it spans through decades. We are still unsettled when the book finishes, leaving us with the realization that once we make a decision, we can never go back.

by Libby Creelman
$22.95, paperback, 374 pp.
Goose Lane Editions, September 2015

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Laurie Burns is an English as additional language teacher to immigrants, literacy volunteer and voracious reader living in Halifax.

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