Good Listeners: Bookish Podcasts from Atlantic Canada

10 podcasts about Atlantic Canadian books that you can stream or download from home. Sit back, stay home, and get to know more about your favourite writers.

Discover new local literature, find out more about your favourite authors, get writing advice, and listen to conversations about books! These Atlantic Canadian podcasts are all available for you to stream or download at home. Search for them on your preferred podcast app, or follow the links below. Here are 1o to get you started!

  1. Beyond Books from Newfoundland and Labrador Public Libraries: book recommendations from your local librarians! Listen to this podcast if you want to find out more about what libraries in St. John’s have to offer: reading clubs, book sales, author events, #NLReads, and more.
  2. Book Me! with Costas Halavrezos comes from Nimbus Publishing in Halifax, and each episode takes you on a deep dive with an author, illustrator, photographer, or creator of a recent Nimbus release. Discover the stories behind the stories, and add a whole bunch of new books to your “To Read” list.
  3. Bookings is the podcast from King’s Co-op Bookstore in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Listen for interviews with local and visiting authors, experts, and book-lovers, as well as recordings of some of the incredible readings and book events that are held at King’s College and around the city.
  4. elm & ampersand is a poetry podcast recorded in Fredericton, New Brunswick and hosted by Jenna Lyn Albert, Fredericton’s poet laureate, and Rebecca Salazar. With warm conversations filled with lyrics and laughter, these episodes feature local and visiting poets who share about and read from their work.
  5. Flahoolic is a poetry podcast from CHMR-FM, a community radio station in St. John’s, Newfoundland. Tune in for readings and discussion from Mary Dalton, St. John’s poet laureate, as well as special guests. In Newfoundland English, flahoolic means “overly generous.” Dalton says: “It seemed an apt word to suggest the abundance of poetry in St. John’s, and it has a delicious mouth feel – its own music.”
  6. Hyacinth Podcast, out of Nova Scotia, “gets to the heart of big ideas,” bringing together scholarly research with art, writing, and music. The podcast is hosted by Canadian writer and musician Carmel Mikol, who also provides the musical soundscape for each episode.
  7. Inkpod is the new podcast from the Writers Alliance of Newfoundland, and for this podcast, “it’s all about the stories.” They offer insight and advice from local writers, for local writers. Episodes 1 and 2 are available now and feature Newfoundland writers Trudy Morgan Cole and Kerri Cull.
  8. Mabel Murple’s Popping Purple Wordspinning World: Nonsense Poetry and “Utter” Stuff is the brand new podcast from award-winning and beloved Nova Scotia storyteller and poet, Sheree Fitch! For listeners of all ages, come spend some time getting lost in “the special world of words, nonsense and having fun with language.”
  9. Shelf Esteem: Award-winning Newfoundland author Trudy Morgan Cole talks to readers, writers, publishers, librarians, and more about their favourite books and characters, covering a wide range of genres. You won’t be able to resist finding out what it’s all about with titles like “We Have Not Kissed Any Decapitated Prophets” and “We Are Getting A Consciousness-Raising Slurpee Headache.”
  10. The Write Project: From Engen Books in Newfoundland, a podcast hosted by bestselling authors Amanda Labonté, Ellen Curtis, and Matthew LeDrew on writing, publishing, and reviews.
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Chantelle Rideout is the Manager of Programming and Member Services for the Atlantic Publishers Marketing Association.

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