New Brunswick: A province as pretty as a picture

The Little Book of New Brunswick
by Brian Atkinson
$16.95, hardcover, 78 pp
Nimbus Publishing Ltd., April 2015

Little Book of NBLush landscapes, fog rolling in off the bay, rust-coloured jagged rocks and clear, blue streams: these are the images that dominate The Little Book of New Brunswick. Featuring more than 80 colour photographs by the acclaimed Brian Atkinson, this slender book packs an emotional punch, seducing the viewer with the province’s many charms. The result is an excellent ad campaign for New Brunswick and, indeed, some photos were shot on assignment for the province’s Department of Tourism, Heritage and Culture.

Atkinson has a number of books to his credit, including New Brunswick’s Covered Bridges and Miramichi: River of Character. Originally from the west coast, he’s worked all over the world but chooses to make his home near Fredericton. In his preface to the book, Atkinson writes, “When I look over the photos in this book it is almost like looking at a family photo album, but instead of seeing relatives and friends on each page I catch a glimpse of those moments that, collected together, are the reason I still live in New Brunswick.”

The Little Book of New Brunswick is the perfect gift for those who love this province and fine photography.

The Little Book of New Brunswick
by Brian Atkinson
$16.95, hardcover, 78 pp
Nimbus Publishing Ltd., April 2015

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Colleen Kitts-Goguen's parents used to hide the newspaper. A voracious early reader, the news gave her nightmares. She grew up to be a journalist and CBC Radio host and now her worst nightmare is not having good book to read. She lives in Fredericton.

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1 Comment

  • Colleen, if you are reading this, congratulations and kudos!!
    I love the review and yes, it makes me want to buy it. I can relate to Brian – a photo of a NB place name can take me there in memory, in image , in mind. I left NB when I was 17… and never left home.
    Conversation in our family:
    My father in law once asked me what I was going to do that summer. I replied, gleefully, “I ‘m going home!”
    He asked , “Home? Where’s home?” (I thought he knew) I said , “Home is anywhere you have grown up, you were raised, you went to school, and you remember with love. ”
    For me, that description sums up New Brunswick. All my stories have an Atlantic setting, my articles are always about NB . I am so glad to see you doing reviews for Fernwood. I recently sent them Stranglehold .
    Tell Brian I am going to NB on July 17 and tell him I am going to find and buy his book.
    Anne Marie

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