March 2017 Top 5 Reads from Atlantic Canada

Check out the top 5 best-selling books at Chapters-Indigo in each Atlantic province.


1. Mary, Mary by Lesley Crewe (Nimbus Publishing)
2. The Witches of New York by Ami McKay (Knopf Canada)
3. Nova Scotia Lullaby by P.L. McCarron and Illustrated by Joy Steuerwald (Baby Lullaby)
4. I’m Not What I Seem by Charlie Rhindress (Formac Publishing)
5. Five Crows Silver by Vernon Oickle (MacIntyre Purcell Publishing)





1. Shadow Of Doubt by Bobbi-Jean MacKinnon (Goose Lane Editions)
2. Waterfalls Of New Brunswick by Nicholas Guitard (Goose Lane Editions)
3. Black River Road by Debra Komar (Goose Lane Editions)
4. Irving vs. Irving by Jacques Poitras (Penguin Canada)
5. The Witches of New York by Ami McKay (Knopf Canada)





1. A Long Way From The Road by David Weale (Nimbus Publishing)
2. Little Book Of Prince Edward Island by John Sylvester (Nimbus Publishing)
3. Prince Edward Island: Landscape And Light by John Sylvester (Nimbus Publishing)
4. Vintage Christmas by Marlene Campbell (Nimbus Publishing)
5. Ashes Of My Dreams by Stella Shepard (Nimbus Publishing)




1. Escape Hatch by Gerhard P. Bassler (Flanker Press)
2. Rumrunners and Mobsters: Prohibition’s 100th Anniversary in Newfoundland by Jack Fitzgerald (Creative Book Publishing)
3. Adventures Of Ernest Doane by Earl Pilgrim (self-published)
4. Adventures Of A Grenfell Nurse by Rosalie M. Lombard (Flanker Press)
5. Miracles Happen by Janice Drover (Flanker Press)




1. Lexicon Volume 17 by Theresa Williams (Nimbus Publishing)
2. Big Book Of Lexicon Volumes 7,8,9 by Theresa Williams (Nimbus Publishing)
3. Big Book Of Lexicon Volumes 1,2,3 by Theresa Williams (Nimbus Publishing)
4. Big Book Of Lexicon Volumes 4,5,6 by Theresa Williams (Nimbus Publishing)
5. East Coast Way Of Life Colouring Book by Meghan Bangay (Formac)

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Katie Short graduated from Dalhousie University in 2016 and is now a student at the University of King’s College in the Bachelor of Journalism program. In her spare time, she works as a research assistant in the Marine Affairs program at Dalhousie.

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March 2017 Top 5 Reads from Atlantic Canada

Check out the top 5 best-selling books at Chapters-Indigo in each Atlantic...
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