May 2017 Top 5 Reads from Atlantic Canada

Get 'em while they're hot


1. The Sea Was In Their Blood by Quentin Casey (Local Interest)

2. Be Feel Think Do by Anne Berube (Wellbeing)

3. Crying For The Moon by Mary Walsh (Fiction)

4. Illuminated Life of Maud Lewis by Lance Woolaver (Art)

5. Mary, Mary by Lesley Crewe (Fiction)



1. Be Feel Think Do by Anne Berube (Wellbeing)

2. Waterfalls Of New Brunswick: A Guide by Nicholas Guitard (Local Interest)

3. Shadow Of Doubt by Bobbi-Jean MacKinnon (True Crime)

4. Eat Delicious by Dennis Prescott (Cooking)

5. Hiking Trails Of New Brunswick by Marianne Eiselt (Local Interest)





1. Unpacked by Mo Duffy Cobb (Local Interest)

2. Finding Forgiveness by Adrian Smith (Local Interest)

3. Island Morning by Rachna Gilmore (Storytime 3-5)

4. The Sea Was In Their Blood by Quentin Casey (Local Interest)

5. I’m Not What I Seem by Charlie Rhindress (Local Interest)





1. Crying For The Moon by Mary Walsh (Fiction)

2. As The Old Folks Would Say by Hubert Furey (Local Interest)

3. Robert Bond: The Greatest Newfoundlander by Ted Rowe (Local Interest)

4. We’ll All Be Burnt In Our Beds Some Night by Joel Thomas Hynes (Fiction)

5. Puffin Patrol by Dawn Baker (Local Interest)



1. Lexicon Volume 17 by Theresa Williams (Local Interest)

2. Big Book Of Lexicon Volumes 1,2,3 by Theresa Williams (Local Interest)

3.Big Book Of Lexicon Volumes 7,8,9 by Theresa Williams (Local Interest)

4. Colour Nova Scotia by Julie Anne Babin (Local Interest)

5. Big Book Of Lexicon Volumes 4,5,6 by Theresa Williams (Local Interest)



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