November 2017: Top 5 Sellers from Chapers-Coles-Indigo in each Atlantic Province

Here's what readers are buying


1. A Newfoundlander in Canada by Alan Doyle (Biography)

2. 6-12-17 by John Boileau (Local Interest)

3.The Sea Was In Their Blood by Quentin Casey (Local Interest)

4. The Little Tree By The Sea by John DeMont and Belle DeMont (Local Interest)

5. Effective Citizen by Graham Steele (History and Political Science)






1.A Newfoundlander in Canada by Alan Doyle (Biography)

2. Canadianity by Johnathan Torrens and Jeremy Taggart (Humor)

3. Run, Hide, Repeat by Pauline Dakin (Biography)

4. Something Is Always On Fire by Measha Brueggergosman (Biography)

5 You Might Be From Canada If… by Michael de Adder (History & Political Science)






1. Evelyn by David Weale and Loretta Campbell (Local Interest)

2. Golden Boy by Grant Matheson (Local Interest)

3.A Newfoundlander in Canada by Alan Doyle (Biography)

4.Bubba Begonia You’re Such a Lucky Guy by Gerry O’Brien (Local Interest)

5. From Humble Beginnings by Scott D. MacDonald (Local Interest)





1.A Newfoundlander in Canada by Alan Doyle (Biography)

2. Rock Paper Sex by Kerri Cull (Local Interest)

3. We’ll be Burnt in Our Beds Some Night by Joel Hynes (Fiction)

4. Death At The Harbourview Café by Fred Humber (Local Interest)

5. Christmas in the Harbour by Victoria Barbour (Local Interest)




1.Lexicon Volume 18 by Theresa Williams (Local Interest)

2. Big Book Of Lexicon Volumes 7,8,9 by Theresa Williams (Local Interest)

3.  Big Book Of Lexicon Volumes 1,2,3 by Theresa Williams (Local Interest)

4. Big Book Of Lexicon Volumes 4,5,6 by Theresa Williams (Local Interest)

5. Colour Nova Scotia by Julie Anne Babin (Local Interest)

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