November 2018: Top 5 Local Sellers from Chapters-Coles-Indigo in each Atlantic Province

The region's hottest sellers by province


1. Bluenosers’ Book of Slang by Vernon Oickle (Local Interest)

2. Rick Mercer: Final Report by Rick Mercer (Humour)

3. First Degree by Kayla Hounsell (True Crime)

4. Beholden by Lesley Crewe (Fiction)

5. Waterfalls of Nova Scotia by Benoit Lalonde (Local Interest)


1. Lost City by John Leroux (Local Interest)

2. Rick Mercer: Final Report by Rick Mercer (Humour)

3. Hiking Trails of New Brunswick 4ED by Marianne Eiselt (Local Interest)

4. New Brunswick Under Water by Lisa Hrabluk (Local Interest)

5. Fishing the High Country by Wayne Curtis (Sports)


1. Rick Mercer: Final Report by Rick Mercer (Humour)

2. Other Side of the Sun by Thien Tang (Local Interest)

3. Ghost Stories and Legends of Prince Edward Island by Julie V. Watson (Local Interest)

4. Son Of A Critch by Mark Critch (Humour)

5. Evelyn by David Weale (Local Interest)


1. Rick Mercer: Final Report by Rick Mercer (Humour)

2. Son Of A Critch by Mark Critch (Humour)

3. Growing Up Next To The Mental by Brian Callahan (Local Interest)

4.  The Murder of Minnie Callan by Tom Gruchy (Local Interest)

5. Rock Recipes: Cookies by Barry Parsons (Cooking)

Written By

Chantelle Rideout is the Manager of Programming and Member Services for the Atlantic Publishers Marketing Association.

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