#ReadAtlantic eBooks from your Local Library!

A handy guide to borrowing Atlantic Canadian eBooks on your phone, tablet, computer, or e-reader with your free public library card.

Public libraries across the region have growing collections of Atlantic Canadian eBooks that you can borrow on your preferred device with the Libby app, and all you need is your free public library card (if you don’t have one, you can sign up with your library online).

Most of our public libraries house their digital collections on OverDrive, a platform for borrowing eBooks and audiobooks on your devices. You can visit your regional library’s OverDrive page in your web browser (novascotia.overdrive.com or peipls.overdrive.com, for instance), but the best way to download and read on your device is with OverDrive’s app: Libby. Tell Libby your local library and card number, and off you go!

New Brunswick

When you visit New Brunswick Public Libraries OverDrive page (elnb-bnnb.overdrive.com) or open the library page on your Libby app, you’ll find three curated collections of eBooks from local authors and publishers:

Pretnumerique: NBPL also has French collections from New Brunswick authors and publishers on nouveau-brunswick.pretnumerique.ca 

Accessible Digital Books are available through The Centre for Equitable Library Access: find out more here.

Newfoundland & Labrador

Newfoundland and Labrador public libraries also have a great selection of Fresh New Local Books that you can find on their OverDrive page (elibrary.overdrive.com) or on the Libby app: it’s the first collection you’ll see on the front page!

Want to see even more? Browse this list of over 300 Atlantic eBooks available from NLPL.

Accessible Books: A collection of digital alternate format materials available with The Centre for Equitable Library Access.

Nova Scotia

Over the past 5 years, Nova Scotia Provincial Library and Halifax Public Libraries have worked with Atlantic Canadian publishers to create an Atlantic Canadian eBook Collection and Read Local initiative, putting more than 800 locally authored and published eBooks onto Nova Scotia library users’ devices.

To view these extensive collections that showcase the breadth of talent on the East Coast, head to the OverDrive page of your library system – novascotia.overdrive.com or halifax.overdrive.com – or simply open your Libby app and check out the featured Read Local collections on the homepage.

Accessible Books:

Prince Edward Island

We’ve pulled together a list of some of the Atlantic eBooks and Island authors available from the PEI Public Library Service for you to browse from their OverDrive page, and you can search for any of these titles in your Libby app in the top search bar.

Accessible Books: To access their collection through the Centre for Equitable Library Service, check out the information page for PEI’s Accessible Library Services


How to Get Started:

  1. Visit the app store on your device and search for the Libby app (click the link for a more detailed guide).
  2.  Get set up by choosing your library and entering your card number.

    Don’t have a card? You can sign up online for free:

NB    |     NL     |    PEI     |   NS: Halifax | Nova Scotia (Find your regional library on the list)

Using an e-reader? Check out these guides on how to borrow from the library on Kindle and Kobo devices!

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